Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some More Of The Story,

The infamous line in question is somewhere between the Sonic Restaurant on Charlestown Road and Sam's on Charlestown Road. Surcharging going on. People really would believe the amount of the fine from the EPA for x amount hitting the ground in one day. And, it doesn't even have to be raining to have this surcharge. I am not sure as to how the two new lift stations play into this issue.

Another question I would ask is why do we have to create a "new building" with so many empty buildings sitting who's sewage capacity is already figured in? The line is over capacity, surcharging and we, the tax payers, don't want to play this game again.

Good news if they come for a rate hike. The Calvary is standing behind us...maybe we did do some good, my right hand Susan, lol!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

So many thoughts, so many feelings. Gee, didn't know how long something you may write could stand the times we are all living.

Citizens of this community have worked very hard and have tried every trick we may have had to our "little ole" disposal in order to help the citizens of New Albany and the sewer "situation". I ran my flag up that flag pole over this situation. Pulled my chair right up to the table and yes... I DO feel free to state "my" opinions on the situation. As IAMHOOSIER states...maybe if "Y" (as I am referred to these days) gets "community service", already has the boots, can and should take care of those storm water issues. Love ya, Mark.

BILL UTZ, I could not believe my own ears when I heard you were removed from the sewer board. I know they tried to say you didn't wish to be on the Board anymore, I know the issue was called out, and I know you were told "it's just politics" because you are a Republican.

Yes, Bill, please first allow me to thank you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THE CITIZENS AND THE TAXPAYERS OF NEW ALBANY, INDIANA. I know you were going public re development on Charlestown Road and how the sewer lines will NOT handle it. Thank you, Bill. As a citizen, along with others, working with you and Mr. Ledford and EMC, THANK YOU BILL, for your service to me, to others who may not know or NOT APPRECIATE YOU (more so probably the latter than the other).

Mr. Kochert never understood how citizens could talk with the EPA ALL DAY LONG and yet the Council nor the Sewer Board could. Their names are in lawsuits; citizens can work with them all day long. BILL UTZ, you are now officially a Citizen again, like the rest of the EPA up...go to the newspapers...keep it PUBLIC.

Thank you Bill. You may have been the only person able to motivate me to update my blog. The issue I published before stayed relatively current. I still say the worse is yet to come in the middle or latter part of '09 for the AMERICAN public.


Don't expect any explanations, opinions, etc... of what may concern MY OWN LEGAL WOES. I'll worry about those worry and wonder why BILL UTZ was REMOVED from the Sewer Board.

And I wondered how the "Vice Mayor" may make more than the Real Mayor. Is there a quid pro quo? Hey, maybe there needs to be a blog entitled "Rumour Mill Has It".

Peace. Happy New Year, God Bless, Happy Holidays to my Jewish friends, sorry to hear about Mr. Kaukas and others, a big thank all you to all of my friends and family. Love all of you.


Sunday, January 20, 2008


Every newspaper I pick up and read; every news magazine I read; all of the TV news programs I watch -- they are ALL talking about this "recession" we are in.

Housing market -- big hit. Stock market -- big hit. Real estate sales -- big hit. Almost every City, County and State in the US -- big hits.

How come we seem to be the only City not having budget or monetary problems enabling the new Administration to spend with ease?

Yes, some of those raises shouldn't have come out of TIF, and I thank the two who stood against these raises.

Why are we playing nickles and dimes with the police and fire and why all the grandstanding last year about the monies?

The last Mayor WAS ORDERED to cut $600,000.00 from last year's budget. Did we cut it? Nooooo. The Controller shored up that budget by taking monies from Riverboat, Rainy Day, etc. Wouldn't you think this will compound our problems this year by those cuts NOT BEING MADE?

The year-end financials are due out soon and I guess we will all be taking a hard look at that legal. After same is published, taxpayers have ten days to remonstrate with a petition of ten taxpayers, filed in the County Auditor's office.

The $119,000.00 payment made out of sewers to our "out sourced" garbage company, without Sewer Board approval, really needs attention from the State. Wasn't this company suppose to SAVE US money? Why didn't the Sewer Board vote on it? How can someone else make that kind of arbitrary decision?

Senator Sipes' office sure received some telephone calls, as did Mr. Pride, over these issues. Senator Sipes even checked with the legislators' attorneys and they said no way to using TIF for any kind of salary, as did Mr. Pride.

It burns me to compare this City to Louisville, or any other surrounding City. There is no way I have even remotely the services as they do -- at least you can drive down the streets.

Are you, as taxpayers, aware Mr. Malysk wants to give "vacant buildings" downtown tax abatements?

The new Consent Decree is winging it's way to us soon, and I surely hope we have the votes to have Council keep control of the Sewer Board. What with storm water monies, drainage monies (no, they never did take that out of Sewers the way they SWORE THEY HAD TO), sanitation monies (?), and sewer monies -- one heck of a slush fund.

If Council loses control of the Sewer Board, I guarantee you one heck of an increase and each of these Council members will be held responsible at election time.

So many people have read all that has happened lately with the monies and they are absolutely in shock. Telephone call after telephone call asking me -- don't they know what shape people are in? My answer to them is I don't know. I only know how I feel...being used to keep other people in the lifestyle they have become familiar with...not bettering mine or yours in any way, shape, fashion, or form.

Another question people are asking over and over is how does a "deputy" Mayor make more than the "real" Mayor? To them I answer again, I have no clue. There is no logic in most people's thinking as to why an employee would make more than the "boss".

My only hope is "their" phones are ringing as much as mine with the complaints and worries from citizens in New Albany.

Recession, regression and repression...and?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Having been out of town for awhile and letting my friends take care of my blog, I have to admit I could not believe the number of phone calls I received while out of town.

People, I do not know what to say to you. I have provided the Public Access Counselor's number to certain Taxpayer Advocates and I have provided Charlie Pride's number to same.

Myself, I spoke with Gail Schneider; the person who took Denny Stroud's position, eventually. She will be matching the legal(s) up with the ordinance and taxpayers do have the right to file a remonstrance and appear before her about same and we have a right to take the "legal issue" to the Public Access Counselor. The Law DOES NOT LAY SILENT ON THIS ISSUE.

The '07 Budget was ordered cut by $600,000.00. The Controller was given the discretion to make the cuts where she saw fit. The Mayor's office is limited to $100,075.00. If the full-time Secretary and the other positions are within that office and exceed that budgeted amount, only then will you have a case.

As far as the legal which ran this past Sunday stating they over budgeted for salaries for Fairview Cemetery and are taking $30,000 + from the Cemetery in order to fund some one's position...gee...are we that bad off we have to siphon monies from the Cemetery and dead people? As I do not know the "Friends of Fairview", I sure hope they are aware of this legal as I can not speak with knowledge as to the needs and conditions of same and whether this is a good thing or not. Any of you know them, please ask -- thanks.

As I have deliberately not read other blogs in order to somehow remain neutral while all of these things play out, I have to admit I am not aware of the "10" things promised to certain people. Gotta admit, I do not want to know. As I was asked what "I" wanted -- and my answer was simply an "ethical government"; I do not want to even know what else was promised to others. Only time will tell, and none of us have a crystal ball.

When we did all of the wrangling with the police and fire over monies not available; spent all of our excess monies out of "Riverboat" and the "Rainy Day" fund...I'm not sure how our streets are going to be paved and the other things taken care of we all care about, i.e., CODE ENFORCEMENT. We already have a Code Enforcement Officer named Pam Badger and I simply did not (nor did others) understand why we need another one. This Mayor's zoning and code enforcements will need to be started in his own backyard and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I kid you not.

Peace, NA. Glad to be back and I thank everyone who commented and kept my blog up and running while I was gone.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Happy New Year to one and all!

Will it really be a "NEW" year in New Albany?

WELCOME TO NEW ALBANY - Douglas B. England, Mayor
1992 - 1999 and January 1, 2008 -------

After winning the election in November 2007, Mayor England said there will be no more dog and pony shows (at Council meetings). Will he perform the same old song and dance, as he did in his previous terms as Mayor?

How many of the same old faces are returning, including those behind the scenes? Will they perform the same old song and dance? Are "they" more organized now?

Is it true - history repeats itself?
Time to get out the New Albany history books.